Home Energy Medics is a locally owned, highly respected, full service home performance company operating out of Arlington, Virginia.  Home Energy Medics performs energy audits for homes and commercial buildings to find the source of problems such as cold/hot rooms, high utility bills, and allergies or other health issues.  Home Energy Medics' team of certified building science experts and trusted partners work closely with our clients to prioritize and fix these problems with cost effective solutions that also reduce carbon footprint.   If your plumbing was leaking, would you just let it leak?  Of course not!  Yet most houses—and likely yours—leak lots of air that you've paid to heat and cool. Often so much, in fact, that it's equivalent to leaving a window open year round.  Let us help you fix your home or building today!  You've got a problem? We've got the prescription

Infrared Image HouseWhy Home Energy Medics?

It's not just what we do for our clients, it's how we go about it. We take a holistic approach.

  • We value our professional integrity and attention to detail, and we treat each home like the unique system it is. 
  • We respect our customers, their homes and the environment. 
  • We continually improve what we do and stay abreast of the latest advancements.
  • Learn more about our philosophy and our approach here.

Prescriptions for Better Home Comfort, Health, and Energy Savings.


Why live in an energy efficient home?

  • Greater Comfort. Resolve cold or hot rooms, air leaks and condensation, all of which make your home more comfortable for your entire family.
  • Lower Utility Bills. An energy efficient home means less money spent on energy bills each month and more money for activities that your family enjoys.
  • Better Health. Eliminate the causes of mold, mildew and excessive dust that can trigger health problems; Improve the air quality in your home and the environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly. An efficient home reduces electric and natural gas/oil consumption and the impact to the environment through a lower carbon footprint.
  • Increased Home Value. In today’s competitive housing market, improving your home's energy efficiency is one of the few ways to increase its value—for good.

Home Energy Medics specializes in the Arlington, Alexandria, and northern Virginia area, but does serve other areas, including the District of Columbia.

If you are in the area, contact us.